Role of government in protecting the construction sector.

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Role of government in protecting the construction sector from construction mafias.

In addressing the legacy of colonialism and apartheid, the post-1994 government in South Africa has to advance massive infrastructure development projects. Infrastructure development is critical to attaining South Africa’s long-term socio-economic goals. Infrastructure investment is central to achieving greater productivity and competitiveness, reducing spatial inequality, and supporting the emergence of new job-creating sectors. goals. Infrastructure construction is key to the economic growth of the country. However, in some parts of the country, the community forums, business forums, and concerned groups that are established to raise genuine concerns in relation to economic transformation are hijacked by criminals demanding money from construction companies, demanding to be appointed without following due bidding process and even stopping the projects. The “construction mafia” invades, intimidates, and disrupts the delivery of projects.


1. Mr Anthony Afordofe- The President of the Association of Construction Project Managers. Sharing the lived experiences of the project managers

2. Dr Ongama Mtimka (PhD)- Lecturer: Department of History and Political Studies at Nelson Mandela University. Presenting on the political economy of construction

3. Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure Honourable Sihle Zikalala. Presenting the government’s perspective and interventions on construction mafias

4. Dr Ntsikelelo Breakfast (PhD)-Head of the Center for Security, Peace and Conflict Resolution and Head of the Department of History and Political Studies at Nelson Mandela University

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