Conflict Resolution 

This is a series of short lessons on conflict resolution. The content will be made available after the recordings.

InQ: A person’s ability to become aware of and to report on their internal subconscious experiences.
There is no opinion or point of view that can be “right” without a context.

It’s all about the emotion and the fantasy, never about the issue. 

(Category 3 B Activity) 30 min Webinar.

Presented by:

Dr Panos Lazanas

Cell: +27 835363494


My purpose is to open new, “inner” horizons and to awaken multiple forms of intelligence so that familiar situations can be explored in new ways, fostering innovation. In this way the best of you can take charge of your life.

I aim to identifydistil and bring to conscious awareness the essential elements of expertise in a client. In this way they can take conscious control of their best attributes. The principles that make this approach particularly powerful are the integration of the “InQ” cognitive process, physiological processes and intuition training, in order to awaken excellence. Key Question: What am I?

To achieve this I combine the deep understanding of subconscious mental processes as an International “Neuro-Linguistic Programming” (NLP) Trainer, the thinking of an Engineer (Wits), the knowledge and tools required by leaders, the emotional intelligence of a Coach (C5, Standard Bank, COMENSA, PATH, EKHAYA coaching) and physical skills of a Yoga and Vedanta (since 1982) and Tai-Chi Instructor (since 2000) with the facilitation skills of a NLP coaching Trainer (FIREBIRD NLP certification and coaching training) to bring out the best in anyone. I am the originator of the term Insight Quotient or “InQ”, which is the measure of a person’s awareness of their inner experience. I also offer neurofeedback, bio-feedback, meditation and breathing training to de-stress and re-energizemy clients. 

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