Analytical Method Validation of Gamma Spectrometric Procedure

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Analytical Method Validation of Gamma Spectrometric Procedure for the Determination of 𝜸-Emitters in Environmental Samples.

 Arab Journal of Nuclear Science and Applications, 47(3), (130-138) 2014 


Nuclear and Radiological Authority, Cairo, Egypt 

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Received: 20/6/2013 Accepted: 22/7/2013 


 It is internationally recognized that validation is necessary in analytical laboratories. The use of validated methods is important for an analytical laboratory to show its qualification and competency. This work describes the methods for validation of gamma spectrometric analytical procedure in the determination of some gamma emitters in environmental samples. The method was tested and validated in terms of repeatability, trueness, reproducibility in accordance with ISO guidelines using IAEA reference materials with different matrixes and compositions. 



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