7 Points for Effective Conflict Resolution

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This is a interview style presentation on the 7 points for effective conflict resolution.

This is a theoretical side of the 7 points with some practical examples.


1. Establish points of disagreement 
2. Establish inner positive intention for each point, from both parties 
3. Go into each person’s inner representations of the desired outcome.. first in terms of events.. then in terms of positive intention (an ecology test may be used here) 
4. Awaken dormant creative part in each party. Let the two creative parts meet 
5. Identify new creative options so that all positive intentions are satisfied.. do iterations if required .. etc. by finding new options that satisfy the positive intention of both parties but are accepted by both parties 
6. Test identified new options in the context chosen as the bench mark. Do iterations if need be
7. Perform ecology test for all other parties involved outside the two present


Dr Panos Lazanas

Cell: +27 835363494

Email: lazanasp1@gmail.com

Validated for 0.1 CPD credit in Category 1 (ECSA)

Validation number: IPET0/PT/0426/22

IPET is an ECSA recognised Voluntary Association and Licensed body.

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